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Bronx Branch History updated 4 12 2023

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It was a privilege to serve as stake president in the Westchester New York Stake which included our largest single building, at that time, the Kingsbridge meetinghouse in the Bronx.  My only regret (the planning occurred long before my time) was that we didn’t build a second floor chapel, as the building now accommodates three large units, two Spanish-speaking congregations (Kingsbridge 1 and 3) and one large English-speaking ward.  Concourse (Spanish) met in the Kingsbridge meetinghouse when I served as SP.
When the Olmstead Ward’s meetinghouse was built, we were asked if a fence around the property would be appropriate, and it was suggested that a chainlink would serve.  We demonstrated that even small homes in the neighborhood had nice white wrought iron fences or something similar, so it was finally agreed.  We were shocked when we saw what was installed.  The fence was some 8 feet tall!  We of course insisted that it be removed and a much shorter one put in place.  It took quite a few months for the change to be made.
So many wonderful memories of the next-door Welfare Distribution Center, and the dedicated senior missionaries who lived and served there.
There have been so many dedicated district presidencies, branch presidents, bishops, counselors, Elders Quorums presidencies, high counselors who have come from the Bronx.  How we have appreciated their service!
Bro. Bench