Family Media Preservation

When it comes to media of any kind, the goal is to help it survive the trials of time.


PhotosOld photographs are a singular entity in the sense that they were either a negative film, a positive film or a paper print.  Many families often times like to have possession of those images and it becomes a difficult decision to part with them especially if a particular family member wants to take them for duplication.  We will explore very soon the pitfalls of duplication and how to best perform the highest quality and make it distributable to many so as not to lose the originals.  For now let’s point out an incredible Photo Editor that you can use on Windows, Mac or on-line live editor we know you will love

Click Here for Fotor for Windows  or Click Here for Fotor for Mac to get your Way Cool photo editing software here.

Photo Editor


MicAudio is another great medium to make the move into the future.  Historically it as been placed onto magnetic and mechanical mediums.  These medium however are difficult to distribute and even more difficult to preserve for a long number of years for possible replay.  The simple trick is to digitize that audio medium into a format that will last for more than a thousand years and is widely distributable and vcan easily be uploaded to cloud servers in order to allow for diversity in the stewardship of preservation.  There are some serious tricks to making old audio sound like new audio but for the moment lets focus on just simple digitizing and resizing your audio for server uploads.  When it comes to digitizing your audio media, the Free and probably the best in it’s class program for Windows, Mac and Linux is Audacity.

Click Here for Audacity to get your Way Cool audio editing software here.



VideoOf course Photos and Audio are only part of the ongoing family history media being created these days and so onto Video.  This is one of the premiere mediums the new generation has come to enjoy and will for years to come at least until the 3D virtual hologram rooms are available to actually visit ancestors in 3D.  Video is the most difficult medium to archive simpley because it takes up so much space but as technology ticks on, the file sizes and quality are improving.  There are many techniques for preserving this Video Media but for mow you can at least get started editing what you have with this great Free Video editor.

Click Here for OpenShot to get your Way Cool video editing software here.



If you are the kind of person who would rather have someone else do it and do it in such a way that it is optimized and perfected to the best it can be, there are two great [laces to visit where the magic can happen for you without all of the personal technical confusion.  Click the Links below to visit either place.

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