Training Outline (57:31)

General Conference Leadership Training (57:31)

  1. Elder Ballard (3:41)Introduction
  2. The Sabbath as a Delight (8:21)How can families across the world make the Sabbath more of a delight?
  3. Reverence(9:08)How can we encourage greater reverence in our Sabbath meetings?
  4. Sabbath Meetings – Administrative (6:04)How can leaders ensure that Sabbath meetings are uplifting and spiritual?
  5. Sacrament Meeting (8:21)What can we do to make the sacrament the focus of sacrament meeting?
  6. Role of Good Judgment (5:54)What role does inspiration play in aiding leaders, individuals, and families in deter- mining how to improve Sabbath day observance?
  7. Elder Christofferson (1:57)Sabbath Day Observance
  8. Elder Cook (3:02)Sabbath Day Observance in the Home
  9. Sister Burton (2:39)Sabbath Day Observance Through Family Councils
  10. Elder Clayton (3:19)Breadth of Opportunities
  11. Elder Ballard, President Nelson, and President Eyring (5:05)Closing Remarks